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How To Ask For Help At Work – 5 Tips

How To Ask For Help At Work – 5 Tips
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How To Ask For Help At Work – 5 Tips

Imagine you are working on a big project and this is your first big project which you need to complete on a given deadline by your boss. But soon you realize that you won’t be able to complete the given assignment on time unless you don’t ask for help. Help from your co-employees. Because their help can make you achieve the target that too on time.

But as per our mentally almost everyone feels that asking for help especially at workplace shows your weakness. Shows that you are weak or many times employees get afraid by assuming what would be the reply whether it will be positive or negative, indirectly they assume rejection and that assumption don’t allow them to ask for help at work. So here I will share some tips on How To Ask For Help At Work?

We linked help with weakness. Therefore we avoid asking for help, keep our ego at the top and dig our own graves. We are fine with not meeting the deadline but we are not fine with asking for help without assuming anything, we are not fine with trying. We are fine with failing and such thinking is not going to take you anywhere. Hence before asking for help at work, understand in order to get any reply, you need to first ask, only then you will know the actual reality.

Understand that asking for help at work is nothing related to weakness, it’s actually strength, it shows that you are self-aware and self-assured; you know when to ask for help. You know what you need to learn. You know that you are a confident person, not an over-confident fool. Because a confident person knows when to ask for help and when to learn new things because he/she knows that everyone knows something that can help you in your work or at some point of your life. An over-confident person feels that they know everything and no one can help them because their ego never allows them to ask.

Never link asking for help with weakness and never assume without trying and never ever be afraid of rejections because if you get rejection then that rejection can work as a motivation for you. I am not saying that if you ask for help at work then every time there will be a positive answer, No, Sometimes you have to face the negative response too but that negative response shouldn’t break your confidence it should motivate you to prove them that you can complete the task before the given deadline that too without their help.

Because if one person says no for help there will be many whom you can ask for help, you just need to know the way to ask for help. You need to know the right way to ask for help at work. Yes asking for help at work can be pretty anxiety-inducing. But the proper way for asking help can help you to overcome that anxiety.

So let’s know a few ways to ask for help at work without annoying your co-workers.

1) Create a Goodwill

Lending a hand does wonder in building goodwill. You can’t expect co-workers helping you even after you were rude to them. You can’t expect help without returning the favors. You need to lend your hand when others ask you for help. do not hesitate to help because your helping nature will create your goodwill and others will definitely help you when you ask them for help because they will know that you are a kind person who is always there when they were in need. Hence be the first person to start helping others because your positive initiative can bring many great rewards in your working life as well as in your personal life.

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2) Do not rush

When you face a roadblock or any problem at your project try to find a solution by yourself before reaching out. Always try to come up with potential solutions and if all potential solutions fail then present that solution to the person from whom you asked for help. Don’t reach out without trying because that will leave a bad impression and next time people won’t feel like helping you. Hence don’t quit and ask for help, Try and go with potential solutions and ask for the best advice as a help.

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3) Never forget the helper

Asking for help is not like ordering a pizza; once you get the delivery you forget the deliver. No, you need to engage with the person who is helping you to find the solution. Don’t forget once the work is done. Always exchange a smile and always take each other feedback. Don’t go and talk only when you are in need.

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4) Don’t act dumb

Don’t ask broad or a vague question to your co-worker. for example: if you have 30 steps in your project and you are facing difficulty on the 19th step then ask for help related to that 19th only. Don’t talk about everything. It can confuse them and can leave a bad impression too.

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5) Quietly-Loudly

Don’t ask for help too loudly and to too many people. Go to one or two co-workers whom you feel is the best resource to get the help because sharing your problem loudly can make others feel that you are a complainer hence ask for help quietly but once you get the help then praise those co-workers loudly talk about their efforts to the team leaders give them credit share about the kind nature because this thing will create your goodwill and make others feel good and appreciated.

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This is the end of How To Ask For Help At Work. Share how you ask for help at office.

Thank you.

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